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Instant cryptocurrency payments

VolleyCash solves the problem of real-time payments. It is simple, reliable and works on-chain.

Features of VolleyCash

Not Another Coin

VolleyCash is a layer covering the IOTA cryptocurrency with it's advanced non-linear (tree-like) blockchain, called the Tangle.


All the payments are 100% guaranteed on the Tangle for auditability when using third party tools.

Sub-cent Fees

There are no fees related to IOTA cryptocurrency when carrying out transactions. However, VolleyCash has introduced small fees to eliminate abuse such as moving funds back and forth unnecessarily in the system.

Based on Multisignatures

VolleyCash uses "multisignatures" to split every signing key; one half-key is in VolleyCash wallet, while the other is in the database of VolleyCash server.

High Security

The split keys do not allow any party to possess funds solely. Due to this fact, stolen user wallets or hacked servers will not yield any benefit to the perpetrators.

Not a Light Wallet

VolleyCash server is not enabled to spend funds without VolleyCash wallet’s signature (made with wallet's half-key).

Not a Full Node Wallet

The consistency of each payment is checked by VolleyCash server. The server will refuse to sign it with it's half-key in the case of double spending.

Simple Consensus

A signature from VolleyCash wallet is enough to guarantee that the receiver will ultimately receive the funds, on-chain.

Real-time Retail

The product is released to the client after the wallet signs a transaction and sends it to VolleyCash server. This process only takes 3 seconds.


Sub-cent fees and instant transmission make micropayments possible, on-chain. Both in retail and online.

No Tracking

VolleyCash server does not need any user registration to process payments.

No Tracking 2

All the money flow in VolleyCash server are always available publicly while exploring the Tangle.

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